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Conservancy Tanks


The natural, organic treatment for smelly and full pit toilets (pit latrines, VIP's and Blair Toilets), overflowing septic tanks, soak pits and French drains, and the solution for bucket toilets in the mining and other industries

The toilet can safely be used immediately after treatment!

Get rid of the flies and reduce the level of waste!



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Conservancy tanks are intended to be temporary repositories for waste water until this is removed by draining or pumping-out by a suitably equipped tanker (a "honey sucker"). If this service is neglected it can result in an unpleasant and odorous overflow. However, if treated with Bio-Activator, in the event of such a mishap, the overflow should be less unpleasant and odour free!

A conservancy tank's capacity for holding waste can be increased to some extent with Bio-Activator treatments, as it can result in the biological solids degrading into water and gas thereby reducing the volume of the solid waste.


Conservancy tanks that are already full or smelly, or are being treated for the very first time with Bio-Activator, should first be treated with 1 x 100g Bio-Activator dose.

25g Bio-Activator every month or immediately after every pump-out, whichever comes first.

Method: mix each dose in a 20 liter bucket with ordinary tap water. Stir frequently and allow to soak for one hour. The Bio-Activator is now activated and can be flushed down the toilet.

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